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Our Team

At Arthur Travel Health, our specialized travel clinic offers comprehensive pre-travel health assessments and advice, including a range of routine, recommended, or required vaccines for patients planning global travel.

Our medical staff is highly qualified and experienced in providing personalized health advice. Vaccination schedules are based on individual health needs and travel itineraries.

We will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of each traveller and recommend the necessary vaccines, as well as any recommended medications to ensure maximum protection and travel enjoyment. Our team works to give you the highest quality care, while staying attuned to travel health advisories and can provide personalized advice on how to stay healthy while travelling.

Meet Our Medical Director

Dr. Paul B. Jones, MD CCFP(EM)

Dr. Paul B. Jones is the founder of Arthur Travel Health. A family physician with 10 years of experience. He trained in Family Medicine as well as Emergency Medicine. He has worked in the busy Guelph General Hospital Emergency Department for 5 years before beginning his Rural Family Practice 4 years ago.

In addition to working in the clinic, Dr. Jones also works at Groves Memorial Community Hospital and is involved in teaching medical learners of all types. He is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society and International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. He holds a Certificate in Travel Health (trademark superscript) from ISTM.

With interests in Travel Medicine and Global Health, Dr. Jones was an assistant instructor for a Wilderness Medicine elective and has previous experience in rural, remote, wilderness and austere settings in Canada and abroad. He has worked as an Event Physician for Tough Mudder and with refugees at the Sanctuary Refugee Health Clinic.

He enjoys travel and adventure and hopes to provide patients with practical and actionable information to ensure a healthy and successful trip!

Vaccine Price List

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